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The leading light of ‘Live and Dare’ ( Giovanni Dienstmann. I know you would like his post called:

How to Dissolve Negative Emotions into Emptiness

Doesn’t that sound useful. Would you not like to find it helps when you are bedeviled by life?  stuck in traffic, cross at a colleague, angry at other drivers, standing in a line, mother-in-law, kids and you could go on. You feel your tension build. “Don’t these people know I am in a hurry? Do you know who I am?

Dienstmann tells you how to transcend these negative feeling without psychotherapy or Meditation.Right away I am curious.

The truth about thoughts and the way our minds work is that everything is impermanence. Nothing lasts indefinitely.

As Dienstmann says, “You are the cinema screen, and not the images projected on it.”


Here are the steps to dissolving Negative emotions:

Seeing Clearly

  1. Recognize that fear has arisen, and label it in your mind. The words you use are important. Don’t say “I’m afraid” or “I have fear”; instead say “fear has arisen”, or “fear is here”. Do you see how just changing the words already creates a different perspective and more space?
  2. Take one to three deep breaths, and bring your attention inside yourself – this means don’t pay attention to the object, person or circumstance that triggered the emotion, but rather attend to the emotion itself. Accept that the feeling is there.
  3. Study the feeling deeply: its causes, effects, and nature. Here are some questions to guide your contemplation:
    • Causes: what exactly triggered this feeling in this moment? There is no need to go to the remote causes of it in your childhood or whatever. For now just stay with what’s happening right here.
    • Effects: how does it feel in my body? Where does the feeling reside in my body? What memories and thoughts swim around this feeling in my mind? What are my thoughts and feelings about this feeling?
    • Nature: Look inside and ask  yourself “what is this feeling?” Don’t use words to explain, just keep the question alive. Does this feeling have a substance, a color, a size? What is it made of? What’s the vibration of it?  Contemplate how this feeling is impermanent. It was not here a few minutes ago – where did it come from? It will not be here after a few minutes – where will it disappear into?
  4. Spend as much time as you need in step three. Learn as much as possible about the negative feeling. We are slaves of what we don’t understand. See if this emotion is the real problem, or if it is something else underneath it.
  5. Let it be whatever it is – but don’t create stories and interpretations around it. And let it go. I can’t tell you how to let go, but intuitively every human being knows how.
  6. At this point, you may find that the negative emotion has already disappeared, or lost power. If not, you can move on to the next exercise (Returning to Emptiness), or practice contemplating the opposite quality (more about this down below).

Returning to Emptiness

  1. Recognize that fear has arisen, and accept it for what it is.
  2. Turn your attention inward, and ask yourself “Who is afraid?” Who is the one that is affected by the fear? Who are you that perceives the fear?
  3. Take it slow. Don’t assume – actually do the looking.  Use these questions to bring all your attention inside, towards yourself, the subject and victim of the fear. This subject is the ego, your identity, or who you think you are. Spend time keeping the attention here, in this space.
  4. If your focus is intense and persistent, at this point you have already forgotten about the fear. But keep on.
  5. Ask yourself, “Who am I?”  Reject any answer that your mind gives you because you are aware of your mind (and all its products), therefore you cannot be your mind. You are aware of your shirt, so you are not your shirt – it is an object of your perception. You are aware of your body, so you are not your body. You are aware of your fear, so you are not your fear. You are aware even of this mental process, so it’s not you. Who are you, who is aware of all these things?
  6. Is this space of awareness afraid? Is it male or female? Does it have a shape? A substance? A nationality?


The post goes on, but this is enough for now.

This explanation is wordy, But the actions are simple to think about. Try it. Did your negative emotions diminish? Let me know what you feel while doing it.


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