Which kind of Mindfulness stereotype are you, if any?

A Controversial Topic:

 Science or Woo Woo?

What have you heard about Mindfulness? Do you think that there is any sound basis for Mindfulness that has been tested scientifically or is it Woo Woo stuff that people only imagine doing any good in their lives?

if you know something about it, I would love to hear your opinion.

If you don’t know about it, do you want to find out about the

practice that everyone is talking about?


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Gregg the WooWoo Guy

Gregg the WooWoo Guy


Learned doctors













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There is the Ninja stereotype:




They think of Buddhist images like lotuses and seated Buddhas.


buddhist monk

There is the buddha stereotype:







He has attained superhuman powers by years of discipline and self-sacrifice.



There is the scientist stereotype:

Some people use  imagery of the brain and

language drawn from neuroscience to

validate their belief in the ability of the

brain to alter.









Social radicalism, environmentalism and liberalism (&drugs) characterises

The Hippy Stereotype




I don’t think any average person is totally one or the other. We are all made differently with individual personalities. Though you might say “Dan is a real hippy,” you also know he goes home regularly to be pampered on Daddy’s estate in the country.


I believe I am a combination of the ninja and the scientist. I believe my brain is changing for the better through the meta studies and experiments coming out about Mindfulness. I also am a very all or nothing ninja type of person who gives all sometimes at the cost of my health.


However,I also have a reserve of humour and silliness which struggles to push through too much seriousness. Some people think I am funny!





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