It’s my Birthday today



birthday cake

“The best is yet to come!”

This is what I said to a friend of mine as we were approaching retirement. She was unconvinced.

Today I am 66 years old. My prophesy has come true. I have never felt so content with my life.

I have been terrifically lucky. And I do mean LUCKY. That is how it goes in most cases. You did that or did not do that and it even turns out that bad things come right in a surprising sort of way. Remember ‘ Two Roads’ by Robert Frost?

Out of my brush with cancer came a greater love of life and especially music. You too must have similar experiences to reflect on. Some daydreaming is quite order here.

So I was sitting on the sofa reading when my everlovin’ husband came in with a little bag of parcels. They included:

Dior shower gel smelling of roses

A box of dark chocolate thins I so love

and a 50 minute body experience at the local spa

These are lovely ephemeral presents, ones that I will be privileged to employ my Mindfulness skills to savour to the utmost.

I really don’t want any present but I will accept gratefully and enjoy them fully.

You think I am now going to bang on about how we should all eschew material gifts. Ha Ha. I’m not.

When I was 15, I had my front teeth knocked out with a lacrosse stick. The other team were known for roughness and dirty tricks. The player marking me thought the best way to stop me was to smash me in the face. It worked!

I was trundled off to the dentist. And from that day I have been plagued with dentures, bridges and various appliances. The false teeth have fallen or been spat out by mistake, especially pronouncing any “f” word. My teeth came out in front of pupils. I could only hold my teeth in with my finger and they immediately became curious. Mrs Fryer is sucking sweeties in her mouth. Wrong! I ended up telling them my problem. I showed them everything, broken bridge and the huge dark gap and all when I grimaced. Shudders, ooohhh, yuck all around.

Believe it or not, it actually enhanced my street cred. Luckily the bell for buses rang and I was let off the hook.

Yesterday I had my gums cut and posts placed for upcoming implants.

I told my family ‘no presents for evermore’ because these implants I am getting cost a King’s ransom! But they disobeyed me.

Of Course, you can guess which song will be on my lips in the coming months: “All I want for Christmas is…”

Bye for now.

Teeth will be implanted next week. Has anyone had experience of this?? I tried to be mindful as she reamed out my gums.