Is 1% too much for you?

Is 1% just what you need?

Just 1%

1% 0f anything is not too much, is it? Well, not maybe all of the time, like how much I forget what people tell me. It’s probably more but I don’t remember.

1% of anything is not very much, is it? How much of a day is 1%?

Well, if you do the math, it is 14 minutes

eMindful worked this out for their members:

14 minutes

OK. Let’s make a list of all the things you can do in 14 minutes, according to my schedule (your mileage may vary):

wash the kitchen floor
water the plants in the greenhouse
make a shopping list
read a chapter of my current book, Annie Proulx’s Barkskins
bathroom sink and shower tidy up
iron 4 articles of clothing
shop at the local supermarket
shine a pair of shoes
plant 3 pots of basil
pick sycamore seedlings out of the drivewayMowing the grass taken from above
deadhead front garden daffodils
do a Facetime with my daughter
take a walk
detour through Denburn Woods
prepare an easy meal for 2
make a rhubarb smoothie from garden to glass
Make 3/4 telephone calls to arrange appointments
vacuum living room carpet

eat a meal
sew 2 buttons on


Riding a wavewalk in the woods
listen to a symphony
research a topic for my blog
get a loaf of bread started in the breadmaker
much, much more
I am sure you can add plenty more. Please put some ideas in the comment box below to share.

What eMindful suggested is for people to devote 14 minutes (as much as you would spend dusting daily) on Mindfulness meditation. It seems so little, but it easily gets over the knotty question of ‘How long should I meditate?’ I would say for beginners, that it is not how long you meditate but the discipline and quality of your precious time spent. Even just 14 minutes

The people who argue most that they don’t have time Mindfulness are the ones who need it the most.

Please tell me what you think about whether 1% is enough for you?

I will answer everyone.