Formal Mindfulness (Meditations)

Formal Mindfulness, otherwise known as Guided Meditation

Now we have arrived at arguably the easiest and the trickiest part of practicing Mindfulness. This video is given by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of The Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program which set off the great Mindfulness Revolution in the 70’s. The US is way ahead of the UK. Where I live, in Scotland, people are now beginning to have heard of it. So I have plenty of people to reach.

That is why I set up this blog. I heard someone say once, “Don’t get in peoples’ face with Mindfulness.” I think usually people hear the Mindfulness word spoken enough times or they hit an obstacle in their lives which opens them up to receive the benefits of Mindfulness.

In fact, you begin to sense and enjoy the wonders of Mindfulness the very first day you start as a Beginner.

This picture shows the man himself, John Kabat-Zinn. Western Mindfulness goes only as far back as this man’s early adulthood. But the ideas of Mindfulness go back to Buddha several thousand years ago. Listen to his guided meditation. Remember to close your eyes or look at the floor in front of you. When you have finished, take some time to reflect on your feelings and the experience. You can even congratulate yourself for finding the time for this meditation.




There is a 5-week Mindfulness class coming up on the ‘Live and Dare‘ site. Maybe you would be interested sometime. This is an excellent site.




I went to a talk by Ruby Wax in Edinburgh. She is known on both sides of the pond. See her book “Frazzled” in the shop on this site.




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