Fighting Your Addiction – It’s no joke!

Phones are seriously dangerous!





I have already written about dinosaurs and mobile phones. They killed the dinosaurs and they are leading us a long way towards disaster.


I have been reading an article ” Age of Notifications and Attention Deficits”, by Shreya  Dalela confirms scientifically all I have truly dreaded about mobile phones. Tech companies are hiring top psychologists to help them program devices that make you want more and more of the content on the Internet. The likes of Facebook want you to come and back or never come off at all. Facebook is winning. The science behind our downfall is a chemical in our brain called dopamine. When we feel gratified, the release of dopamine makes us feel warm and fuzzy, so of course, you go back for more. In fact, this quick checking of phones leads to a loop of demand and satisfaction that leads people to respond to their phones day and night. Sleep is interrupted as you anticipate the alarm.

This loop is also bad for paying close attention to our occupation. Someone may be at a desk ready to begin work when their phone goes. Have a chat, look at emails, someone comes to give you something and use your phone again. Studies show that nowadays adults have an attention span of fewer than 5 minutes. Work is not well done. In Mindfulness, we call this multitasking, but I believe has had a much greater impact in distraction than the other things.

There is a condition called Information Overload Syndrome, accompanied by headaches, exhaustion, and confusion. One cannot work at all under these circumstances. We would have a difficult time enjoying anything. This is where Mindfulness Practice would prevent this syndrome from ever taking hold.



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