The Dark Underbelly of Happiness

Did you ever think there were negative sides to HAPPINESS? It is pretty interesting. There have studies done and quoted in Dr Raj’s course called ‘ A Life of Happiness and Fulfilment’ where people asked what they wanted the most out of life. Almost universally people said ‘happiness.’ They work long hours to provide and keep up with the Jones’s. After they have overtaken the Jones’s they still want a better car, better holidays, clothes, jewellery and status.

Meanwhile they may have burnout or their children go off the rails or the lightning bolt of illness (like me and bowel cancer). Things grind to a halt.

Worn out man

Worn out man

Your body says you are overdoing things.  The good stuff backfired.

I hear you say, ‘ But it is all for my family!’ What happened to your aspiration to be happy? If that is so important to you, why have you ruined your health and no amount of material goods makes you any happier.

People wonder then what they have done with their lives. They cannot dredge up much they are terribly proud of.

Do you want to live to play ball with grandchildren in the sun’s evening rays?

Do you want quality of life in your retirement? Work, if you are extremely lucky, is fulfilling. However most people are ready to retire or are forced to retire. Staying fit is not so crucial, is it?

The figure is about £75000 per couple. That is an amount needed to take care of your basic necessities. That is hard to believe but there are stories of people who do just that.

In fact, there are graduates from Princeton University and Oxford University who practice a philosophy called Effective Altruism. They go for the highest paying job offered to them so that they can give 50% or more of their salary to charity. They take an incredibly stressful job like banking or investments so that they can give their earnings to others. They are not forced to.It is their beliefs and their choice. They are happy. I will post one of their stories.

Mindfulness practice includes doing little ‘random acts of kindness’ for others. It is suggested that it be a surprise for the person on the receiving end. I made Hot Cross Buns for the old ladies next door and sneaked up and planted the box on their doorstep when I hoped that they weren’t peeking. I did confess later and they complimented me on the delicious buns. it was a lot of fun for all of us. They loved the treat and the visit later. I did something that was no bother to me but made me feel pleased and jolly (that they didn’t die from my baking! Try it. Even getting a thanks for letting someone go before you is nice for both parties.

Don’t all shout out at once. How many of you know that March 21st is International Happiness Day?                      visit : Action for Happiness

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10 Keys to Happier Living

10 Keys

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