Dread of getting in the Shower can be eased with Mindfulness meditation exercise

Fear or Dread of the shower can be eased with Mindfulness

Hello fellow bloggers and Mindfulness peeps,

This situation is driving me bonkers. The revered Smithsonian Magazine keeps sending me renewal forms when I have already paid. As it is we were getting two copies monthly after the balls-up they made the last time I dealt with them. I fear they will send three copies at a time. The local doctors’ and dentists’ offices will be flooded with them. Does this happen to you?


the reason I am telling this because I went on the Smithsonian site and I saw articles flashing past. One was entitled, “Why Mind Wandering Can Be So Miserable, According to Happiness Experts” by one of their staffers, Libby Copeland. She is gloomy and anxious at the prospect of a shower. It sounds silly but maybe you can think of something you are irrationally afraid of. Libby is ripe for some Mindfulness training.

Mindfulness helps to help a woman afraid of the shower



The article, written by a skeptic, concerns the times in our daily lives when we realize that the mind is trying, usually ineffectually, to deal with matters beyond our control. Some of your multitasking is easy (remember to post that birthday card for your sister) other problems seem to have no solution (if your mother needs a care package). Or a past thought might be,” I know she doesn’t like me because…”This is Unmindfulness. You cannot do anything about these things at the moment.

If you are driving your car, you will not remember any scenery or landmarks because you are never aware of your ‘present.’ You skipped past the buzzard hanging in the sky, the yellow gorse flowers persisting even in the coldest weather, the sign for the plowing contest next week and so on… This attention in the moment is Mindfulness.



Mindfulness helps us to notice things in the moment. Gorse flowers smell like coconut

Gorse flowers smell like coconut.


The scientists say that we spend 47% of our waking hours mind-wandering. Nearly half! I know my mind drifts off even when I am watching a movie thriller. I also know I used to be much worse when I was working a primary school teacher. I hardly ever got jobs done to my satisfaction. Then the tendency is to beat yourself up about it and say what a loser you are.


You will be interested to know that we pay most attention (I.e., showing Mindfulness) during sex. We spend the most time – 67% – in grooming behaviors.


WANDERING IS WHAT MINDS DO. (Take this to heart)

So what about poor Libby? She knew that when she got in the shower, all her worst fears and worries would boil up. It had become a habit and so she hated showering. I think that is too bad because of showers, except for baths, are the most calming, Mindfulness expressing things we can do for ourselves. Sometime I will have to try out my disco spinning lights gadget my daughter gave me for Christmas. Promise you won’t put tea lights around your bath!


Well, with anxious apprehension, Libby stepped into the shower. She kept her attention on her breathing and felt different.

“As she says,  the trick is in recognizing the illusion—

“‘ah yes, there’s that ridiculous clown car of anxiety coming down the road again.

The saving grace, when I can manage to focus, is the present moment. ”


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February Mindfulness Newsletter

February Mindfulness Newsletter


Hello Mindfulness friends,

This what I see from my living room window today, a typical day in February in Scotland, Not terribly exciting. In fact, except for leafy trees, any day through the year might look like my photo. When I first came to Scotland from Pennsylvania, USA, I had the cheapest little Kodak Instamatic. I took it with me everywhere, When the film was developed, the dark days came out black and gloomy. So I got wise and only took photos in good weather. Consequently, when I showed my photos around to family, they immediately got the impression that Scotland is a sunny place.


One saying is ‘Scotland has nine months of bad weather and three months of winter.’ I am told that overseas students over from the states to attend St Andrews University actually go home for Christmas and don’t return because the rain and gray skies bring them down. Little princesses. SAD.

The upside of our weather is when the sun does come out, the green of the fields is a striking emerald from barley and oats overwintering. And golfers come out of the woodwork to play the famous golf course in St Andrews.

And in a month’s time, the sheep field over the road will be full of lambs. I will post another photo then. And the lambs will be gamboling  That is the most descriptive word to describe what they do. This annual cycle coming round again refreshes our souls, especially if you stop and savor it. Stand and watch some sign of spring and rebirth. Feel it through all your five senses. Smell, hear, touch if you can without harming, seeing with Beginner’s Eye This thing we call a lamb or a branch of the vegetable patch. Nature is calming and makes us happier. See if you can spy something you never knew or could see before. Aren’t we lucky?

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Mindfulness – Beginner’s Mind

Mindfulness – Beginner’s Mind for adults


Mindfulness makes you aware of each and every flower in the moment



Today I was standing waiting at the bus stop. I was hoping the bus would come soon. When I have minutes to spare at any time, I look around for something I haven’t noticed before. Amongst the blowing grasses beside me, I singled out a seed head. I looked at it as an individual thing that I had never seen before. All the petals clustered tightly but soon to form seeds and be blown away to start the cycle again. A feeling of awe when I wonder about mysteries of life.


I am sure you can find an object to look at as you never have before. This is called The Beginner’s Mind, a very important aspect of Mindfulness. Try it. Tell me how it goes.

You can try this activity anytime you have spare minutes. A child does this naturally. As adults, it takes practice to get skillful again at a very rewarding kind of play.


Matilda staring at the goats




taking it all in


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