Beginner’s Mindfulness Guarantee

Guarantee of Mindfulness



fixated at the farm

My granddaughter Matilda has taught me so much about Mindfulness and awareness. Less than two years ago she had nothing much going on in her brain. Hers is a true beginner’s mind because it is the first time she has seen a sheep or a swing or anything. She is programmed to gather all the information she can by concentrating without distraction. She looks happy enough at observing the sheep, unlike the wee girl who ran away from her shadow (see…….). She has room and corresponding fascination with each and every new thing.


What happens as she grows up?

Her social sphere widens and social relationships become important. School becomes a focus. It may not be the seat of learning. Only 7% of the content we learn at school is actually taught. That doesn’t say much for the system. It is a place to be with others of their kind. Especially these days children have other things on their minds:

Tummy rumbling because they are hungry/had no breakfast

Upset at home from mild to devastating

Who they are going to play with at break

What’s in their lunchbox

Are they going to succeed at the latest Nintendo game

When their Tamagotchi needs feeding (I hear they are coming back…              OMG – they’re back!!!!!   only  £30)TomagotchiYou can think of any number of things that distract youngsters if you have any or know any. Usually, homework is way down the wish list. See Fidget Spinners




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