Bloody News Stops Mindfulness Exercise

I have been working on this blog so long and hard, I have forgotten to eat. Not very mindful. I also used to log on to the BBC national news and skim. Something terrifying usually headlines and the rest is not often news at all. Someone gives birth in the taxi or schoolchildren have fundraised and then a paragraph about twitter or Tesco. Big whoop! But I have dispensed with that in favour of blogging at 6am.

You know what? I actually feel better not seeing the news at all. Politics have always been lost on me because I am not a citizen of the UK nor will I ever be. And I cannot bear the latest Trumpism. I am ashamed of my fellow Americans for voting in that loofah-faced shit gibbon (not my words, honest).

I am remembering family mealtimes. Our two girls were ages 7 and 3. I don’t remember when news at meals began.

Suddenly I realised that they were watching the latest atrocities and ‘eating up’ the gory details –  it was the Falklands War (after all, I think Argentina is buying it back – tell that to the families of fallen soldiers!)

As for my husband and children, the association of food and violence and eating I simply couldn’t bear. And the food I had cooked from scratch after a hard day at the chalk face they we’re not even savouring. I put my foot down and cut out the TV. We do not possess a TV at all now. We couldn’t get rid of it entirely because we couldn’t get babysitters without it.

My point is this. News depresses viewers. It has been studied and proven. Why watch? All of is not technically news anymore as it has already happened. I certainly would not watch more than once a day. Same with newspapers.


Positive News Journal













So there has sprung up news sites which publish positive news. YES!!


Good News Network

U.K. Carbon Emissions Fall to Levels From 1894     I did not know this

Beginner’s Mind can be scary! This news interests me.

Check out some good news and see if it doesn’t lift your spirits.

Here is a video news item. I was afraid of what the newscaster was going to say. Police get such a bad name:




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