10 (25+) Reasons to Junk the Box. Get it?

drawing of a television10 Reasons to Junk the Box. Get it?

(or the flat screen or whatever)

In the way

The focus of the room

It reflects the room

On when no one is watching, a waste of electricity

Babies fiddle with it so it blares

Most of what is on is rubbish

You could be doing something much more interesting – go out and study an ant

It takes fewer calories to watch TV than watching paint dry

You are not having a conversation that makes you happier

Makes you eat junk food at the same time – chickpea noodles

Ruins your diet

Makes you stay up too late

Promotes violence

Shows you products you do not need or want

Lets in silly little jingles that drive you mad

Uses up study time

Bad for your eyes

Can give you a TV screen headache

Gives you bad posture while watching TV

Not getting enough exercise

Getting brainwashed

Not making progress with household chores

Feet get cold

Not benefiting from socializing

Often not a Mindfulness related task

Turns into binge-watching which is all of the above X10

TV rots the brain

Reasons to Chuck the TV

When I was a child, there was a rule in our household that we could watch TV in the living room until dinner. But after that, only a half an hour of something special (very broadly). Of course, in those days there was only one TV, not like today when every youngster has one in his/her bedroom where there can be little if any monitoring. I was absolutely astounded that near enough three-quarters of the 10-year-olds in my class had TV and video recorder (DVD player) of their own. When do the parents ever see or play with their kids

Tracydrawing of a television

Mindfulness Mindlessness of Sons of Anarchy


Sons of Anarchy are not good role models











Dear blog readers,

Now I am retired, my better half and I have succumbed to (gasp!) binge-watching. The latest had eight series, twelve episodes in each. It was by far the most brutal barbarous plot I had ever watched. It is based on a motorcycle gang that runs the town of Charming, California. The action is set around the Teller family headed by the notorious grande dame Gemma Teller, widow of the original president of the club.

Everybody in this series is despicable.

Jacks is a homicidal maniac.

His mother, Gemma, is psychotic, always planning who she will control/kill next.

The gang just throws their weight around killing willy nilly.

Looked at through my Mindfulness eye, it is clear how unhappy everybody is.

They wallow in the past and worry continually about the future.

The only mindful one is Jack’s wife, Tara, who wants to take her sons away from the mess. But she gets a carving fork through her head for her trouble.

The end is gruesome but not unexpected.

Did anybody else watch this tragedy? In spite of the violence, I simply loved it. And no, I did no copycat murders the next day.

I find I am always looking through a Mindfulness lens at al behaviors in life and media nowadays. If those motorcycle boys would take ten deep breaths before drawing their guns, there would have been many fewer corpses!

SONS OF ANARCHY – rich & bloody




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