10 (25+) Reasons to Junk the Box. Get it?

drawing of a television10 Reasons to Junk the Box. Get it?

(or the flat screen or whatever)

In the way

The focus of the room

It reflects the room

On when no one is watching, a waste of electricity

Babies fiddle with it so it blares

Most of what is on is rubbish

You could be doing something much more interesting – go out and study an ant

It takes fewer calories to watch TV than watching paint dry

You are not having a conversation that makes you happier

Makes you eat junk food at the same time – chickpea noodles

Ruins your diet

Makes you stay up too late

Promotes violence

Shows you products you do not need or want

Lets in silly little jingles that drive you mad

Uses up study time

Bad for your eyes

Can give you a TV screen headache

Gives you bad posture while watching TV

Not getting enough exercise

Getting brainwashed

Not making progress with household chores

Feet get cold

Not benefiting from socializing

Often not a Mindfulness related task

Turns into binge-watching which is all of the above X10

TV rots the brain

Reasons to Chuck the TV

When I was a child, there was a rule in our household that we could watch TV in the living room until dinner. But after that, only a half an hour of something special (very broadly). Of course, in those days there was only one TV, not like today when every youngster has one in his/her bedroom where there can be little if any monitoring. I was absolutely astounded that near enough three-quarters of the 10-year-olds in my class had TV and video recorder (DVD player) of their own. When do the parents ever see or play with their kids

Tracydrawing of a television

Sassy American Expat has Solution for your Problem

Sassy American Expat has Solution for your Problem

Baby Matilda studying a flower






Are you tired and frazzled? If so, I want you to give Mindfulness a try.

I myself found Mindfulness many years back when I hit a rough patch in my life and work.

Since then, I have learned a great deal about Mindfulness by observing children focussing their whole attention on an object.

My granddaughter inspecting a flower is a perfect example of paying attention, in the moment, non-judgementally. This attitude is the essence of Mindfulness and the outcome is Happiness.

Amazing what you can learn from babies! You, too, can learn Mindfulness when you visit my website at:

What is Mindfulness?

8 Questions to Your Sanity

8 Questions to Your Sanity


Learn a bit more about yourself with this checkup:

                 Mindfulness Quiz

Here is a quick weather check on your feelings at the moment  —

    1. Do you feel frazzled most of the time?

Yes No

    1. Do you rush from home to work and home again?

Yes No

    1. Do you dread opening your inbox?

Yes No

    1. Have you given up old hobbies because of pressure of work?

Yes No

    1. Do you often feel you are just not good enough?

Yes No

    1. Do you lose sleep at night for ideas going round and round in your head?

Yes No

    1. Are you impatient and cross with family and friends because you feel tense?

Yes No

    1. Are you eating or drinking more than you used to?

Yes No

If you say YES to three or more, you need Mindfulness Way to Happiness in your life. OR you answer none?

If the answer is none, then I think you are kidding yourself.

You can feel better quickly with Mindfulness.


Tracy Fryer

How often do you hear this?

There is Balm in Giliad called Kindness


“Thank you for showing me loving kindness and gratitude.”

It means you are more than just pleased. If you feel gratitude, it is something you appreciate fully. I imagine people are more often grateful for things.

Have you tried making the gratitude collection at tinygratitude.com? Each day you type in no more than 3 words to do with something for which you feel gratitude.

My collection is getting enormous! And I enjoy poring over all the words that mean something special to me. This little exercise has me pondering ahead of time by noticing many possible choices throughout the day. And I can never run out because the object is new every time It attracts my attention.

Things I am grateful for

I want us to think about people now. You may love, desire, imitate, dislike, agree with or like individuals, but who are you grateful for?

Gratitude plays a role within Mindfulness. Gratitude makes us notice the good other people do for us in life.

Let’s face it. No one can be happy and successful in his or her life without someone to look up to. For me it was, and still is, my mother. I know I could not live with her, don’t get me wrong. But she is my mentor, weather vane, my starting place. Of course, you have someone or some people, too.

so today, we are going to mention them by name. The first or last person to name is yourself. Oh no, You hear you say. I have nothing to be grateful to myself for. Start small and It will get easier, you will begin to believe your own words. This can be treated as a formal or informal Mindfulness practice:

May I be safe and free from suffering.

May I be happy and healthy as can be…

May I have ease of being.


May I be safe and free from suffering.

May I be happy and healthy as can be.

May I have ease of being.


May I be safe and free from suffering.

May I be happy and healthy as can be.

May I have ease of being.


Next, it is time to choose someone you truly love:


May __________ be safe and free from suffering.

May __________ be happy and healthy as can be.

May ___________have ease of being.  3x


Next, choose someone you recognize but you may not know:

Say the words of gratitude 3x as before.

Next, choose someone who has supported or mentored you to achieve your goals:

Say the words of gratitude 3x as before.

Next, choose someone with whom you don’t see eye to eye:

Say the words of gratitude 3x as before.

Next, choose everyone living on the whole planet:

Say the words of gratitude 3x as before.


You will be surprised at who you think of. I had the hardest time showing gratitude to people I generally don’t get along with.

How do you feel after this practice, I think closing your eyes helps you to concentrate.





Mindfulness of Babies

Babies show natural Mindfulness


Aren’t babies delightful? Yes and no, depending. But all normal babies have this trait, much as it drives their carers crazy sometimes…

This is one technique in your Mindfulness toolbox you will appreciate as much as I do. The true Mindfulness beginner is a baby from about one year old onwards. This kind of awareness often ends or is snuffed out by the time a child goes to school. Perhaps not always.


Matilda staring at the goats

With the practice of Mindfulness, we want to fan those embers of a long-lost sense of discovery that was natural to us when we were young and curious. Look at this photo of my granddaughter. The flower we pass by holds a riveting fascination for her. She is trying to understand everything she can see, feel, touch and if she can get away with it, taste. She doesn’t hear anyone calling her, she is so focused.

When we are out and about, we may think there is nothing we haven’t seen before. Put your mind to searching something to investigate with Beginner’s Mind. I am sure you will succeed.

It doesn’t have to be a living thing. When I stand at the bus stop these winter months, I look up to spot the highest leaf still clinging to the branch or watch a particular bird singing its heart out. Or the way the stones fit together on the wall over the road and discovering there used to be a door there.

You may find yourself sensing wonder and delight deriving from this new/old way of looking. With luck, this feeling will remain with you and you will try it again and again.

It’s not often we can learn from a baby!



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