True Beginner’s Mindfulness

Where mindfulness begins for all of us


This is one technique in your Mindfulness toolbox you will appreciate as much as I do. The true beginner is a baby from about one year old onwards. It often ends or is snuffed out by the time a child goes to school. Perhaps not always.

With the practice of Mindfulness, we want to fan those embers of a long-lost sense of discovery that was natural to us when we were young and curious.

Look at this photo of my granddaughter. The flower we pass by holds a riveting fascination for her. Her brain is trying to understand everything she can see, feel, touch and likely taste. She does hear anyone calling her, she is so focused.

When we are out and about, we may think there is nothing we haven’t seen before. Put your mind to searching out something to investigate with your Beginner’s Mind. I am sure you will be successful.

It doesn’t have to be a living thing. When I stand at the bus stop these winter months, I look up to spot the highest leaf still clinging to the branch or watch a particular bird singing its heart out. Or the way the stones fit together on the wall over the road and discovering there used to be a door there.

You may find you finder yourself sensing wonder and delight deriving from this new/old way of looking. With luck, this feeling will stick and you will it try it again.

It’s not often we can learn from a baby!

Baby Matilda studying a flower






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Mindfulness – Beginner’s Mind

Mindfulness – Beginner’s Mind for adults


Mindfulness makes you aware of each and every flower in the moment



Today I was standing waiting at the bus stop. I was hoping the bus would come soon. When I have minutes to spare at any time, I look around for something I haven’t noticed before. Amongst the blowing grasses beside me, I singled out a seed head. I looked at it as an individual thing that I had never seen before. All the petals clustered tightly but soon to form seeds and be blown away to start the cycle again. A feeling of awe when I wonder about mysteries of life.


I am sure you can find an object to look at as you never have before. This is called The Beginner’s Mind, a very important aspect of Mindfulness. Try it. Tell me how it goes.

You can try this activity anytime you have spare minutes. A child does this naturally. As adults, it takes practice to get skillful again at a very rewarding kind of play.


Matilda staring at the goats




taking it all in


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