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A good site with lots of advice is called Mind. Although it tries to help people with depression, nevertheless you will get straight talk and good sense.

And what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. You do not have to have mental issues to learn a lot from Mind. You see that we are all in this together. Our Common Humanity is part of Mindfulness teaching. You are not alone. So have a peek at Mind


I want to tell you a bit about my experience. I hope that I don’t bore you.

However, if you are like me, I need to know some background on a new subject. Other people’s stories (yours) are especially interesting to me.

Here are some interesting Mindfulness facts.

Mindfulness comes from the teachings of Buddha. He lived more than 2000 years ago. He was a real person. His many books describe how to live a good life on earth. Please remember that Mindfulness is only a small part of Buddha’s teachings. If you practice Mindfulness

YOU DO NOT BECOME A BUDDHIST or Anything else by being Mindful


Click on this picture for more about this man.


He is Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist and a great Mindfulness teacher.  He speaks simply and clearly about Mindfulness which began as part of the Buddhist tradition more than 2000 years ago. This Mindfulness Way to Happiness site deals exclusively with the secular side of Buddhism and Mindfulness.

Thich Nhat Hanh is also a famous Vietnamese monk and peace activist. In some of his writings, he explains how new experiences in Mindfulness can be favorably equated with Christian insight during prayer.

He stood beside Martin Luther King on the podium.


I was in a hospital for the bewildered three years ago. My world had crashed and splintered, in spite of many good things happening in my life. This particular illness runs in the family. Someone once called it the ‘family flu’. She didn’t realize how devastating it is. My mother and two of my sisters have suffered spells and my eldest brother when he returned from flying helicopters in the Vietnam war (more about this later).

I was too unwell to remain at home. My carer was hurting, too. A kindly nurse ran off some sheets for me to read. Sadly I could make neither head nor tail of them. The words even jumped around on the page. I didn’t tell him it was a waste of his time.

I managed just to understand the notes. It was about a stream and leaves and someone sitting on the bank. This was a failed attempt to try Mindfulness.

By nine months later, I was recovering and wanting to help myself to live again.

I decided to try Mindfulness properly. My incentive was strong because I had always been told that with my history, I would always fall again due to the inherited chemistry of my brain. Now for the first time, a doctor said that Mindfulness can prevent relapse.

Would you exchange being extremely ill for learning and practicing Mindfulness?

An absolute no brainer. So I had an incentive to try it. And I have never looked back.

What this means is that anyone and everyone can derive benefits of Mindfulness practice.

That means YOU!

I do not think you can pay full attention to learning anything if you are seriously ill with any debilitating condition. Seek medical advice first and wait until you are beginning to mend. The NHS (National Health Service in the UK) is now prescribing Mindfulness in some cases instead of anti-depressants in the first instance. I know that the local hospital precedes medical treatment for pain with Mindfulness practices in the Acute Pain Clinic.

Mindfulness can help you deal with chronic PAIN as well. I will deal with this topic under Formal Practices.There are many more ailments that Mindfulness meditation can help deal with. I will come to these in due course,


This is a wonderful pocket-size volume of mindfulness ideas for dipping into daily for a minute or two. My mentor gave me this and I refer to it often. Just little notions in a little book to nibble on and see how they might be playing out in your life.

The Little Book Of Mindfulness –



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