Disaster! You missed the International Happiness Summit in Miami?


Disaster! Did you miss the International Happiness Summit in Miami?You missed 50 of the leading experts in the science of happiness and well being as well as entrepreneurs and government officials. Guests traveled from over 40 countries and next year’s summit has already been announced.

The keynote speaker was Gurudev Sri Ravi Shankar, a spiritual teacher, humanitarian leader, and an ambassador of peace.

He said, “Those who are happy you can feel the vibrations. You don’t need words to express yourselves. They are so sensitive. They can catch you. Kids exuberate happiness. They radiate joy. If you ask me, I will tell you that there are those who are happy and they want to share happiness. Nature of happiness is to share. Nobody can say I am so happy to leave me alone. When you are happy you want to share happiness. It’s simple if you see a nice movie you pick up the phone and call your friend. Nature of happiness is to share. Those who are happy,  they share. This is the first category. There is another category of people who are seeking happiness. So they seek in changing jobs, places, cars, gadgets,  trying to find happiness. There is a third category who have no hopes of happiness. For them, happiness does not even exist. And if they see someone happy, they feel more irritated. Have you seen such people around? If one of them is happier the other is irritated.”

I reflected on his words and could only agree. I see it in my own behavior, good and bad. But even if we know our faults, it is having the intention to change which is of most importance

Do you want some clues to how to begin changing for the better?

see Ten Keys to Happier Living Guidebook

                                                        10 Keys to Happier Living

You lose nothing by trying. You have everything to gain.

PS Lambs aren’t here yet. I haven’t forgotten.


See ‘Action for Happiness’ website from where this free book comes


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