Who brought Indian beliefs to the West?

In the 70’s, many young people went to India

The  Beatles


The Beatles became interested in Eastern religion and music when they had already become famous for their new style of songwriting. They went

to India to stay in an ashram and learn from influential musicians and

experts in Indian philosophy.

George Harrison worked with the renowned sitar player, Ravi Shankar. In turn,

what George learned was reflected in many of their later songs.

They returned when John Lennon had a disagreement with the ashram leader.


Jon Kabat-Zinn was a young medic at the time who was drawn to India

out of curiosity. Many college-aged men and woman wanted to find

out for themselves the supposed mysteries of enlightenment in the land of Buddha. What Kabat-Zinn learned, he brought back to Massachusetts and applied

to his patients. And so was the birth of non-secular Mindfulness as a

prescription for pain and modern life.




Jon Kabat-Zinn




















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