Mindfulness – Beginner’s Mind

Mindfulness – Beginner’s Mind for adults


Mindfulness makes you aware of each and every flower in the moment



Today I was standing waiting at the bus stop. I was hoping the bus would come soon. When I have minutes to spare at any time, I look around for something I haven’t noticed before. Amongst the blowing grasses beside me, I singled out a seed head. I looked at it as an individual thing that I had never seen before. All the petals clustered tightly but soon to form seeds and be blown away to start the cycle again. A feeling of awe when I wonder about mysteries of life.


I am sure you can find an object to look at as you never have before. This is called The Beginner’s Mind, a very important aspect of Mindfulness. Try it. Tell me how it goes.

You can try this activity anytime you have spare minutes. A child does this naturally. As adults, it takes practice to get skillful again at a very rewarding kind of play.


Matilda staring at the goats




taking it all in


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